Manage projects, organize processes and see the cost of work

Create schedules, manage demands, know the cost your company has in each task without needing to update worksheets

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A different project management

We believe that we can change the way project management is applied today, we will make the execution and analysis of information much simpler and we will really make companies visualize how much current management spends unnecessary money and energy. We will be the new level in project management methodologies.

Ecosistema simples e variado

Simple and varied ecosystem

Our tool was created to be extremely simple for the user, however our project is to have much more than a tool, we will make a project management ecosystem with several tools beyond what we already have.

Esqueça as funções desnecessárias

Forget the unnecessary functions

Workbox is a management application platform, each application has a function that fits in the process of our clients in a correct way, the user can acquire a tool or even a complete package, everything according to his need.

Key Partners

Workbox has its physical address in Tecnosinos Technology Park in the city of São Leopoldo, where it is incubated by Unitec. In addition to the partnership with Unitec, we recently won a new partnership, Cotidiano Acceleradora, where we received all strategic support to continue our exponential growth.
Cotidiano Aceleradora Tecnosinos - Technology Park in São Leopoldo Tecnosinos - Best Technology Park in Brazil

Know Our History

Our founders built their knowledge base working in digital agencies, software factories and startups.

Both worked both in the execution and management of projects.

When they were executors the perception was that the work was summed up to many demands, all important, all urgent and little time to do.

Already as managers, the view was that there were many demands of other people sticking to the queues of tasks, few executors and little quality.

It was there that they realized that the problem was not who managed or who executed, but the process, because nobody had a broad view of all the demands, only their own.

The lack of transparency in a demand causes a mess, lack of productivity and loss of deadlines, all of which in the end causes a great loss.

Workbox was born to address these issues, it allows employees to visualize all of the company's demands related to projects and enables them to gain a better sense of priorities to make more assertive decisions, providing much more productivity, saving time and money for the company.

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